Poems for Peace, Seattle

I have been asked to help create a Seattle edition of the Poems for Peace event that celebrates International Peace Day on September 21. 

SICA Poems for Peace

Anne Padilla and I are facilitating, preparing to make this event happen for the first time in Seattle. (The international event is back for its second annual iteration.) It is being sponsored by SICA, the Subud International Cultural Association, with poetry being the main vehicle by which people express their desire for peace, in all of its manifestations. http://www.poems-for-peace.org/ Bring a dish to share at 6:30. Confirmed readers so far include: Ibtihal Mahmood and Faiza Sultan.

Ibtihal Mahmood

Faiza Sultan

Poets involved in the recently concluded August Poetry Postcard Fest have been invited and the event will happen in the Chapel of the Subud House/Spring Street Center, 1101 15th in Seattle, at 15th & Spring. There will also be music and dance performance and a collaborative poem composed at the event as a Prayer for Peace. Meena Rose will display some of her Visual Peace Poetry. We hope to see you. – Paul Nelson

Meena Rose 1

Meena Rose 2







Faiza Sultan

لِنَمنَح الحربَ فُرصة Let’s Give War a Chance (excerpt)
1 كَيْ يَمشِي الحُبُّ حافِياًيَطرُقُ أبوابَ الخَنادِق
So that Love can walk about Barefoot,
knocking at
The doors of trenches.
2 كَيْ تَلبسَ الفَراشَةُ واقِيَة الصدرِ عِندَ بوَّابَةِ كُلِّ زَهرة
So that Butterflies can wear
Chest armors
At the gate of every rose
3 كَيْ تُكَشِّرَ الشمسُ عن أنيابِها ويَحتَرِقَ الليل
So that
The sun can bare
Its teeth
And the night can burn away
4 كَيْ نَبدَأبِالعَدِّ كم رَأساً نحتاجُ لِنُفِيضَ نهر
So that
We can start counting down
The number of heads
We will need to overflow the river
5 كَيْ نَحْكِيَ قِصَصاً لِأَطفالٍ مُشوَّهِين عن “مُفَخَّخةٍ فِي بِلادِ العَجَائِب”
So that
We can tell the tales
Of disfigured children
“A booby-trap in the lands of wonders”
6 كَيْ نتَعَثّرَ بِأجسادٍ مُنتَفِخَةٍ بِالأحلام على أرصِفَةٍ سَوْداء
So that
We can stumble over
Corpses bloated with dreams
On dark sidewalks

Subud International Cultural Association

About Splabman

Paul Nelson is founder of SPLAB in Seattle and the Cascadia Poetry Festival. He wrote a collection of essays, Organic Poetry & a serial poem re-enacting the history of Auburn, WA, A Time Before Slaughter (shortlisted for a 2010 Genius Award by The Stranger.) He’s interviewed Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Wanda Coleman, Anne Waldman, Sam Hamill, Robin Blaser, Nate Mackey, Eileen Myles, George Bowering, Diane di Prima, Brenda Hillman, George Stanley, Joanne Kyger & many Cascadia poets, has presented his poetry and poetics in London, Brussels, Qinghai and Beijing, China, Lake Forest, Illinois and other places & writes an American Sentence every day. www.PaulENelson.com
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  1. Julia says:

    So is this an invitation to this event? Would like to participate . Let me know, can others join in?

  2. Carol Blackbird Edson says:

    Hi Paul,
    So glad to see this event coming- if possible I would like to do a short piece for it also.
    Who might I connect with?
    Blessings ,

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