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OK, more harvesting done today and some news. Pablo Baler in his fascinating project The Next Thing: art in the 21st Century has a great end note to the word Greguería. It reads:

1. Greguería is defined by its most notorious practitioner Ramón Gómez de la Serna as “humor plus metaphor”. These aphorisms had a significant influence on European and Latin American avant-garde sensibility. This genre resurfaces later, probably inspired by William Carlos Williams’ typewriter length verses, in the American Sentences of Allen Ginsberg defined as a haiku-length poem of 17 syllables, most recently vindicated and exhaustively practiced by the poet Paul Nelson; and mostly unsuccessfully tried today with the 140 characters miss-typed by the masses of Twittnicks.

The Next Thing

Go Pablo!

Anyway, my own shouts out to: Sam Hamill, Eileen Myles, Willie Fitzgerald, my Subud brothers and sisters, Keith Jarrett, Alice Derry, PCC shoppers, Prius drivers, Phil Humber, baby Ella and, as always, the Wily Almondina. Again I have err’d on the side of putting too many sentences here. I may remove a few next update, but please (as always) feel free to comment. It’s 4,135 days and counting that I have written a daily American Sentence. Thanks Allen. All 2012 sentences published here:

3.2.12 – In the dream I’m going down on her but wake up licking my bite guard.

3.4.12 – PCC car lot: can’t swing a smudge stick w/o hitting a prius.

3.6.12 – Hackers from Anonymous arrested – will they get to check email?

3.15.12 – Will promoting literary arts: “I’ll spam the fuck out of you.”

3.16.12 – Nurse Anita predicts: “A miracle of cervical ripening.”

3.17.12 – Under the c-section table her urine, he says: “Looks like pilsner.”

3.23.12 – Rags once used for mopping up semen now perfect for baby urp.

3.26.12 – Sam Hamill tells Mark: “You want to talk poetry, you better have a putter.”

3.26.12 – Alice Derry: “Surrendering salami to the yellow jackets.”

4.2.12 – Sitting outside on 15th – every woman is beautiful in Spring.

4.5.12 – Shift change: rock the baby, whistle lullaby, see my face in her eyes.

4.8.12 – “Genuflecting to my ice tea feels particularly spiritual now.” (Eileen Myles on Easter Sunday)

4.16.12 – Not likely to use the horn after latihan, but I still speed home.

4.17.12 – Why pick up after your dog if you just throw the shit bag on the lawn?

4.18.12 – “Employees must carve Slayer into forearms before returning to work.” (At Vermillion.)

4.20.12 – Keith Jarrett’s rapturous vocalizations or backseat baby Ella?

4.21.12 – Fuck you too slow driver – I’m going to do my spiritual practice!

4.21.12 – 27 M’s up, 27 down – Humber’s Safeco Perfecto.

4.23.12 – Rancid Egg opening up for Spastic Eyebrow at the Fukodome.

4.27.12 – Only Seattle: “Daily cyber deal – milk steaming latté art class.”







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SPLAB and Cascadia Poetry Festival founder Paul E Nelson wrote American Sentences (Apprentice House, 2015), Organic Poetry (VDM Verlag, Germany, 2008), a serial poem re-enacting the history of Auburn, Washington, A Time Before Slaughter (Apprentice House, 2010) and Organic in Cascadia: A Sequence of Energies (Lumme, Brazil, 2013). Founder of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, in 26 years of radio he interviewed Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Anne Waldman, Sam Hamill, Robin Blaser, Nate Mackey, Eileen Myles, Wanda Coleman, Brenda Hillman, George Bowering, Joanne Kyger, Jerome Rothenberg & others, including many Cascadia poets. He lives in Seattle and writes at least one American Sentence every day. Co-Editor of Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia, he is in year five of a twenty year Cascadia Bioregional Cultural Investigation. (Oct 12-15, 2017, Tacoma, WA)

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